Research methods in bachelor thesis

A very common way of acquiring new knowledge, especially in the case of little explored issues, respectively. if the author of the bachelor thesis wants to obtain his own research conclusions, the use of research methods is used. The most widely used methods of learning include interviewing, observation, or questionnaire.

Interview Method

The interview method is particularly useful if the researcher succeeds in gaining the confidence of the interviewee. This is a very time-consuming method, but it leads to the most relevant answers to the questions the author needs to know. Indeed, if the provider of the information deviates from the question asked, it is possible to ask a supplementary question that will enable the answer to be obtained in the expected form.

Observation method

A less time-consuming method is a method of observation, where a researcher observes a behavior or a certain time under certain circumstances. group response. As with the interview method, this is a very time-consuming method, and it is relatively difficult to ensure the same conditions in every observation period. Therefore, it is appropriate to combine this method with, for example, the questionnaire method.


The fastest and most sought-after method of these methods is the questionnaire method where questions are asked which, in a relatively short time frame, a relatively large number of respondents can answer.

The questionnaire consists of the introductory part, where the author addresses the respondents and briefly describes what the information will be used for. Furthermore, the questionnaire provides questions that may be open or closed, or a combination of these questions. Questions must be built in a clear way for the respondent to answer. It is advisable to implement the questionnaire anonymously in order to obtain more truthfulness and the answers given are as plausible as possible.