Parameters of bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis should demonstrate the student’s ability to orientate in the study program he / she is studying. His duty is to show the ability to solve the selected topic independently and the problem that arose from it. It depends on a particular student to decide, together with his / her trainer, whether the work will be experimental, empirical or documentary. Of course, the chosen bachelor’s thesis methodology also depends on the study program that the student is studying.

Each student must follow the methodology of writing the bachelor thesis, which was prepared by the faculty of the university where he / she is studying. The guidelines of individual higher education institutions and their faculties may differ in some respects.

Borders in Bachelor Thesis

When writing a bachelor thesis, the same rules apply as when writing any other work. Line 1.5, Times New Roman, 3.5 cm left margin, 2 cm right and 2.5 cm top and bottom. The margins must also be respected in view of the later correct binding of work. The bachelor thesis methodology also includes other parameters. It is important to keep portrait orientation and A4 size.

Scope of Bachelor Thesis

The appropriate range of bachelor thesis is 50 to 70 standard pages, which represents 90,000 to 126,000 characters including spaces and footnotes. One standard page contains 1,800 characters. The students’ experience says that more emphasis is needed on the correct number of characters than on the number of standard pages, as these two parameters are not always compatible.

The entire text from the preface to the used literature is included in the number of characters. Footnotes are also counted. Of course, it also includes content, a list of charts, tables or abbreviations, but also an introduction, core and conclusion of the bachelor thesis.

Font size in bachelor thesis

The bachelor’s thesis methodology includes every area of ​​work including font size. Chapter titles are mostly typed in 14 point. Main text and subchapters font size 12 points. In some cases, for subchapters, a font size of 13 points is recommended to make the work clearer and the headings do not match the main text. If the faculty has incorporated in its guidelines that the work must include footnotes, whether they are explanatory notes or quoting authors of the works, it is necessary to write them with a font size of 10 points.