Choice of topic and submission of bachelor thesis

At the beginning of the whole process of creating the bachelor thesis is a choice of topic that the student will elaborate. Each department will usually publish the topics of its bachelor thesis during January of the relevant calendar year. The student can choose from one of the offered topics with which he / she shares the most. The bachelor thesis supervisor is automatically listed for each topic.

However, there is also a free topic to choose from, where the student deals with certain issues according to their interests. Until the final submission of the bachelor thesis, the student or trainer can change the topic and its title. However, every change must be preceded by a consultation with the bachelor thesis supervisor.

Assignment of bachelor thesis

Part of the bachelor thesis methodology is also the submission of the bachelor thesis assignment in two copies. The assignment must meet the criteria of the faculty of the university where the student is studying. At the same time, it must be signed by the bachelor thesis supervisor. The assignment of the bachelor thesis is done by the student together with the supervisor in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. When submitting the bachelor thesis, it is necessary to find out whether it is necessary to have this assignment bound at work or just put to work. At some faculties the assignment does not have to be in tied bachelor thesis.

Submission of bachelor thesis

The bachelor thesis methodology also includes its final submission. Together with the bachelor thesis it is necessary to submit the application for the state exam. The bachelor thesis must be submitted in two copies. Both the student and the CD must submit the bachelor thesis in an electronic pdf version.

It also submits two license agreements in two copies. One license agreement is concluded with the US and the other with a student college. The pdf file needs to be uploaded through the electronic school system. These licensing agreements are automatically generated by the school system.

Within the bachelor thesis methodology we can also talk about the very essence of the bachelor thesis. It is important for the student to show the orientation in the given topic and the ability to solve independently the topic he / she chose. A job supervisor can guide a student on the right path if he goes in the wrong direction. However, work as such is supposed to be a student’s work.